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A Bit About Me

Hi, I'm Jule. I'm a classically trained actor, text coach, director, and acting teacher. I've worked as a professional actor for more than a decade, living and working in Los Angeles and Washington D.C.

I currently reside and work in Dallas/ Fort Worth.


My students can be seen in feature films, on television, and on the regional theatre stage. Many have been accepted to some of the most prestigious theatre schools in the world.

Work With Me

Madeline Y. 

"Jule is an incredible teacher and mentor! She is very experienced with self-tapes and gives you specific pointers about the material, acting, and production to take your self-tapes to the next level. Her experience at being both behind and in front of the table during auditions for professionals in the industry allows her to share first-hand experiences with you. She is able to confidently communicate to you what those watching your audition will think and what improvements you should make. I found this information extremely helpful to boost my confidence during auditions.


I worked with Jule privately to prepare for my college auditions and she transformed my audition. She found wonderful, underused material that perfectly fit what I wanted to show. She knows how to make you feel comfortable and leads you through exercises that allow you to make bold and unexpected acting choices. She also loves Shakespeare and is great at introducing you to more complex language. She has transformed who I am as an actor and I am forever grateful for her lessons."

Ethan J.

Jule's college audition workshop and Shakespeare class were both excellent in their content, class structure, and all around were amazing learning experiences. The workshop provided some much-needed insight into both refining audition pieces and having a memorable interview while working at just the right pace to take in and practice all the information given.


The Shakespeare class was an amazing experience, teaching me methods to process Shakespeare and space to refine them, an understanding of how to understand the cultural context behind Shakespeare's meaning, and overall inspired a passion for understanding and presenting his work. While teaching the basics of Shakespeare comprehension and speech, Jule really tailored the experience to the students in our class and made sure we were working on pieces we as students could find joy in studying, which made the experience so much more enjoyable."

Alexander D.

As a DHH actor, Jule was patient in her teachings and was always willing to answer any questions I had via email if I didn't understand her in person. I'd recommend her in a heartbeat, just based on that alone. Jule has taken the study of Shakespeare's Old Folio texts and turned them into entertaining and easy-to-digest lessons. I had the great fortune of learning under her for a small bit, and I can confidently say that she has given me practical strategies to interpret and perform Shakespeare's works creatively and faithfully. Jule has consistently encouraged creative choices and risks as long as they canonically aligned with a character's words or descriptions. She is 100% passionate about Shakespeare, and it is infectious. You will begin to love it just as much as she does, pushing you to enthusiastically tackle old folio text.

Ella P.

Jule is an incredible instructor that that has an insane amount of knowledge- it seemed like she had all of Shakespeare understood and memorized! She also was very excited about the source material, making everyone in the class eager to learn more.
This class gave me a totally new understanding of how to attack Shakespeare. I went in with a basic understanding of Shakespeare’s work and came out with a solid foundation of the first folio method.

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